Stephinka’s Adventures with Copics…. Part 1

I’ve recently nosedived into the world of Copics and boy, is it expensive to start out on?!

I haven’t had much luck colouring on regular cardstock at all, even with the Memento ink; the Copic inks just tend to bleed out of the lines! Anyway, while I was at the art store buying my first Copics, I also picked up a specially-for-Copics drawing paper. It is very lightweight but it stays true to its claim that it does not bleed.

The challenge I have coloured something for is the TTC11 Touch Twin Marker Challenge:

These Touch Twin markers look like Copics but are more inexpensive. Since most people don’t own any (yet) and I would like to win this and try some for myself, I made myself do some some colouring in order to enter something into the challenge. I coloured a Market Street Cool Cats cat stamp as a ginger cat! Never mind I’m not fab enough yet to colour in some stripes LOL, and please excuse me, this is pretty much around the 7-8th thing that I’ve coloured with Copics:

singapore copic markers, singapore handmade card, cat handmade card, ginger cat card

Not much depth… I am going to need more of those YRs,,, LOL

Thanks for checking out my blog and if you have any tutorials or tips to share, and if you know how to colour on normal cardstock, please tell me in the comments! xx Stephinka


2 responses to “Stephinka’s Adventures with Copics…. Part 1

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  2. He’s cute in orange! Thanks for playing the Touch Twin Marker Challenge!

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