A Hello!

Hello my dear friends, thank you to all who left such sweet notes for me in my previous post! Hugs to all of you for your kindness while I am away physically sick, and broken down mentally and emotionally.

I’m not in the best place still and there are some things I need to let time heal for me, I’m sure many of you reading this may understand and empathise with mending a broken heart, or if not, the trials of recovering from physical illness. Other than that I’ve also been very down and papercrafting has taken a huge backseat amidst all the drama that has blown though the Stephinka town (population: 1 lol)… I can’t tell you when I’ll be making and creating again and be back on the cardmaking bandwagon, but I did finally take photos of some orders I made earlier that have arrived at my home. Also trying to play with the lightbox but I need stronger light sources….


Buttons! A lovely pack of turquoise ones from a lovely lady on Etsy, with whom I’ve shopped with many times. She has gorgeous hand-dyed buttons and trims so check her out!


Memory Box!! There’s more but first I’ll have to find where I put them…. LOL


Lawn Fawn Critters Ever After! UNICORNS. ‘Nuff said. I forsee many unicorn cards that I may make from this set.


My Cute Stamps were on 50% off! Are they still? Well, isn’t this cute? 😀

There’s more items, like lots of circle punches (I’m building a collection), stamps and even MORE buttons that I hope to be using soon. Just waiting for the day I am ready to craft again… Wish me luck, and until then, xx Stephinka.


11 responses to “A Hello!

  1. Hi Stephinka, may I know where you bought those lovely clear stamps?

    Wylie (from Hong Kong)

  2. I just went to My Cute Stamps website and was super excited to see that the stamps are 50% off! By the way, how is the stamp quality compared to PTI? I’m spoiled by PTI’s stamp & cardstock quality =(

  3. Sending you hugs!! Glad to see an update. ❤

  4. Hi Stephanie, I am Si Ru. Not sure if you still remembers me, we used to play together after your tuition with my cousin.. I randomly come across your blog and here to say HI.. Hope you feeling better now … Cheers…

    Si Ru :))

  5. I understand that you have a birthday? Happy happy birthday, dear girl. I hope that you are in a better place, and that we will start seeing some crafty joy from you soon. Sending you healing and birthday wishes.

  6. A little birdie told me it was your birthday so I am here to send you happy bday wishes! Hugs!!

  7. Woohoo new stamps. I know this post ain’t a new one, but just popped by to say you got an award off me 😀

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