Papertrey Princess Challenge!

This may have to be the perfect time for me to get my hands back into the cardmaking thaaaang. If you remember my last post which was all the way back from April, I had been making cards for cancer survivors — well that was all done with the help of dearest Euna, who helped me a fair bit with the number of cards sent to the Cancer Society. She’s currently on medical elective out somewhere on an island in the Pacific- Cook Islands! I have never even heard of the place before she mentioned it; girl’s got guts and a big heart and is sharing her adventures on her travel blog right here. Go and smother her with tropical humidity some comment love!

Anyway… I have just returned home yesterday from a vacation to Australia and had no idea I was next on the challenge hosting until the day before…. So here’s what I’m issuing to all the lovely Papertrey Princesses who may want to take part:

Make Your Own 3D Elements and/or No Sentiment card!!!

I know, you guys must be thinking “she’s crazy” but on account of the fact that I currently am on holiday from a holiday and down with a cold, pretty please bear with my empty cranium and indulge (or ignore) me 😀 Oh and a warning… I got really lazy so I just whipped out my phone and took a picture. Yes, I’ve gone that far…

This is super inspired by a very talented cardmaker whose blog and name escapes me at the moment because I can be a huge dummy like that. She makes lots of flowers and wreaths, landscape-y cards with a stylus tool and this particular design of a card I pretty much CASE-d from her. I would love to give her credit for it so if anyone knows who I am talking about please give me a shout!

I don’t own a stylus but I used the end of a make up brush as one to shape the foliage and flowers on my ‘stamping mat’ AKA craft foam. Don’t do this unless you are ready to wreck the foam, just a warning! Use your mousepad (if it is inexpensive :P)… Anyway the challenge ahem is to use your own 3D elements! Use a rolled rose die, crunch up some crepe paper or even just make a die cut pop with some foam tape! Oooorrr.. if you hate that idea just make a blank card with no sentiments that can be for any occasion! If you are feeling mighty adventurous, do both the 3D and the sentiment-less card… Who knows when you will need a card for something that crops up suddenly when you don’t feel like making anything: just stamp whatever sentiment and VOILA!

You don’t need to be a Papertrey Princess to join this challenge but if you play along or read this, do link up so I can visit you too!

xx Steph


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