A transformation!

Wow… I really disappeared from the craft scene a fair bit there didn’t I? I currently live in Australia with my cat named Mausy in the city of Melbourne. Love it to bits here.

So I am back and ready to rock, but this time with new content that may or may not be related to craft or art. I hope to be able to turn this is into a Stephinka blog of winning here and winning there, win, win, everywhere!

In the past year, I have managed to accumulate for myself even more diseases- I was officially diagnosed with coeliac (or celiac for you US peeps) disease. This means I get an autoimmune response to gluten and it kills my intestinal cells. 

I’m also working on my Graduate Diploma at university in Psychology and hope to wrangle my way into a Masters programme. Without further ado… I’ll get started!


2 responses to “A transformation!

  1. Hey, Steph!! Long time no speak! I just thought of you for some reason today and thought I would see if you had updated your blog and, lo and behold, you had! Hope you are doing wonderfully and that life is good. Celiac (coeliac) is no fun but at least you know what’s going on, right? xoxo, Cara

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