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I am BACK!!!

Whoa…. After more than a month of not making any cards and simply having ZERO inspiration… I made 15 cards over the course of 2 days! I’ve been spending time ‘finding me’ again, and it has been a pretty rewarding little break there.

I am currently involved in a project where I will make 60 cards for young cancer survivors and their caregivers! I decided to start making the kids’ cards first because goodness knows I am going to suck at making things that may appeal to children.

And these are the fruits of my labour…. Some of them have doubles because as you all know, when you cut 8.5×11 size paper you get two A2 cards out of them.. So instead of cracking my brains over how to make ALLLLLL the cards look completely different, I did some cheating 😀

Some other news:

Health-wise I am better than ever. I’m getting healthier and fitter, I’m losing weight without really trying. The best part is that I have less pain from the fibromyalgia, and my depression has improved too. Life is pretty good at the moment I have to say! Thank you all for your concern while I had to go on my hiatus. ❤ In the meantime, I have also started a personal blog of sorts with silly comics over here. Content may be offensive.. I really do cuss like a sailor but I try to keep that to a minimum here; over there though, you have been warned! 😛

Shout outs:
Cara– I got your card, thank you so much hun!
EUNA!!! *HUGS* So glad to have ‘met’ you 🙂 Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, you are a true treasure.