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Stephinka’s Reviews – Online Card Classes: Inspiration Showcase Class Review

Recently I attended the Inspiration Showcase class offered at Online Card Classes. It was a stamping technique class with daily videos and PDFs posted over 12 days and is put together by the fabulous Jennifer McGuire.

As I previously took the first class ever offered by Online Card Classes, I had a special rate to sign up for the Inspiration Showcase for $2 less, making it $17 to attend which is a HUGE bargain for all that you learn.

Jennifer encouraged students to use what they have for the class, but let’s be honest here, some of these techniques do require certain supplies to achieve a certain look, for example a stamp with is an outline shape vs. a stamp that has more solid areas is going to give you a different effect for what is being taught here. You will also need some supplies like Distress Inks and Stains, and unless you only want to end up with one colour on everything you do, you’re probably going to need to buy a couple more ink pads. Some tools you already have may not work as well with the types of techniques too, so again, you may need to run out and get something along those lines just to put what you learn to practice.

Or maybe you get tempted by the amazing stuff she uses, if you’re like me 😉 Anyway, this really means you spend more than the $17 for the class! I know for a fact that I spent a shameful, SHAMEFUL 😦 amount of money buying things because I wanted to recreate what Jennifer did, and what I had just wasn’t going to work as well. So this is something to keep in mind.

If you took Summer Card Camp 2011 like I did, you might also notice there are a few overlaps of techniques (around 3 or so) with that class. If you watched Jennifer’s videos with Two Peas in a Bucket’s Youtube channel, or the Hero Arts channel, you may also notice certain similarities in some techniques. There are some updated techniques or new ones of course, but you might just feel like it can all be a little familiar… And then you might feel just a wee bit shortchanged, like I did!

That being said, this is still a really fun class and I enjoyed each day of it. It’s a great resource to have, all in one place, and it will be online for all students to access and watch and refer back to forever (or until the internet dies or they close the site I guess ;)). There will be a Holiday Card Boot Camp this November, but I doubt I will be signing up for the class. I am however, definitely looking forward to new, never-seen-before techniques from Jennifer McGuire, who is so lovely, talented, and a great teacher!