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Flashback Friday Challenge

I chanced upon this blog called the Flashback Friday Challenge, and the current challenge is to post the first black & white card you have ever made… That’s easy- I’ve only ever made one only B&W card and this is it:

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I had originally made it for the Runway Inspired Challenge Blog just back in January this year, and my original post is here… And I have already given this card away to my psychiatrist who has proudly displayed it in his office 😀 Soon after that, he asked to see what other cards I have made that are Valentine’s/Love related, and he bought two to give to his wife. Thought that was a cute story to share 🙂

In other news, I’ve been re-organising my crafty stuff like there’s no tomorrow.. I’ve got new storage drawers, new folders for my stamps, new die storage system and I’ve been getting my Evernote set up to list my inventory and cards for inspirations under pages I made for specific stamps. It’s definitely slightly crazy around here! But I might show you all some photos of how I store my stuff when I am done. If I ever get done. LOL.

Have a wonderful day! xx Stephinka